Friday, April 27, 2007

Sea Monkeys!

My sister gave Ben a Sea-Monkey kit for his birthday. Mr. Tangerine set up the wee tank and supplied it with bottled water, and sprinkled in the powder or whatever. Then he spent two days gazing into the plastic tank insisting that he could see the Sea-Monkeys (a.k.a. brine shrimp) swimming. "Uh, those are crumbs floating around," I told him. (Indeed, the website cautions that 65° to 70° temperatures mean a wait of three to six days for the eggs to hatch.)

But today, those itty-bitty little critters are swimming around! Mr. Tangerine will be such a proud papa when he gets home from work.

Somehow I doubt that the Sea-Monkeys will assuage Ben's longing for a pet...

And will they still be alive after we leave them alone for two weeks? Gosh, now I'm nervous.


SheA said...

Good luck with those little guys. I remember when I was a kid we ordered a sea-monkey family after seeing an ad in a comic book. Unfortunately,may family went camping for a month the week after we got them all set up. When we returned..well, lets just say it was a sad day at my house.

The Absent Minded Housewife said...

They will probably be alive, sure. Just give them an extra spoonful of food.

You may have lots of little critters now, but half may die off. That's how it goes.

If they all die off, just let the water evaporate away. When the tank is good and dry, just add more water. Wala, more sea monkeys!

They are the gift that just keeps on giving.