Tuesday, July 18, 2006

True story

A few days ago at the grocery store, I saw a bin of baby cucumbers. They're so wee! Six inches long, tops, and about an inch wide. Knowing how much Ben likes cucumbers, I asked him, "Hey, do you want a baby cucumber?"

"No. I want a man-sized one," he chirped.

Can you top that vegetable story?


Cricket said...

Honestly, I find 6" to be quite comfortable. The mongo-sized ones make me squirm.

flea said...

I cannot, but of course Ben doesn't want a BABY cucumber. He is a very big boy! He doesn't want anything BABY! Because he's not! Not a baby! No way!
(I just went through this with baby bananas. I thought they'd think they were cute, but no. It was taken as a slight against their manhood.)

Orange said...

Cricket, I hear you.

Actaully, flea, Ben reconsidered (after a nearby old man and I had a good laugh at his bon mot) and ate the baby cuke shortly after we arrived home. (Just washed it and ate it out of hand.)

I think baby corn is super creepy.

E. said...

Sometimes I think these smart little cuties just know what will make us bust a gut laughing. Ben is clearly an old soul.