Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tough act to follow

That last post elicited some lively comments, with numerous revelations about individual anatomical variants (in sum: full buttcheeks, a possibly protuberant clitoris, and flat, wide boobs), and a general consensus that underwear manufacturers are on crack because nobody's crotch lines up with the cotton crotch panel. (The appear to be laboring under the misconception that the cotton panel's job is to catch butt drippings rather than standard vaginal discharge. Who will alert them to the error of their ways? And does anyone own cute underwear that actually has the liner in the right place? Pony up some brand names if you've got 'em, girls.)

Tragically, the idea I had this evening for a follow-up post was to pool you about whether you own an iron and whether you actually use it. (I own one—the only person who ever uses it is a friend who's an occasional houseguest. Things that need to be ironed will either be sent to the cleaners to extricated from the dryer before too many wrinkles have set in.)

I suppose I could be ein biƟchen (a little bit) brain-fried because I spent a few hours editing an arcane medical review article. You'd think a topic like stem cells would be straightforward and interesting, but it turns out there's a lot of crazy, nigh-incomprehensible technical detail involved. The highlights so far come from the list of references: (1) There is a an author of a medical journal article named E. Lagasse (Bam!). (2) The German word for "head" is Kopf, and Dickkopf is a medical term (full disclosure: in German, that means "thick or big head," or "stubborn"). (3) Somewhere, there is a medical researcher named Dr. Clopper (somehow the old Saturday morning TV theme song about Dr. Shrinker is lodged in my head because of this).

It's gonna be hot hot hot in Chicago for the next week. The Gay Games are in town, and I feel for the poor saps who will be doing the triathlon Sunday morning. (More fortunate are the ice skaters and other indoor athletes.) If you happen to live in the Chicago area and you're looking for a non-sports air-conditioned activity to occupy one evening this week (or a Sunday afternoon), consider the energetic and entertaining AMEBA Acrobatic and Aerial Dance show. It's a great show for kids and adults alike, and the dances include trapezes, bungee cords, elegance, agility, and humor. Seriously—it's a completely unpretentious modern dance show that makes the audience laugh at times.

In sum: Underwear, I don't iron, I haven't forgotten all the German I once learned, weather, sports, culture. Also? This post should get nominated for a Blogpocalypse Award for Crappiest Post.

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jbwritergirl said...

It's pretty funny you should mention ironing.

I don't know anyone who likes to do it but me. It's the one thing I actually like to do as far as chores go and find that it relaxes me in almost the same way sex does. Call me crazy but I believe it's what I do in my quest to find out how much damage I could cause if I tried to iron the wrinkles out of my face.