Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's a good thing

...that Mr. Tangerine is at the office most of the day. This cough I've got, it's at its worst when I laugh. And Mr. Tangerine has a terrible habit of being funny. Here's the sequence:

He cracks wise.

I laugh.

My lungs go into paroxysms of coughing.

I almost throw up.

I haven't puked...yet. But I've come mighty close. Does anyone know how to make a man unfunny while a respiratory infection runs its course? Should I seek medical attention? Or should I just knock Mr. Tangerine out? Maybe try earplugs?


Charlie said...

I would think the puking would probably render me rather unfunny, but perhaps Mr. Tangerine is made of sterner stuff than I.

If you think it'd work, however, it would also come with the added side benefit that you can stop worrying about whether you actually puke or not and just go with what feels right.

DoctorMama said...

Whatever you do, don't go over to Feral's house.

Sergei C. said...

Oh my god - I would so take that as a challenge!

Mona Buonanotte said...

Next time you hawk up a piece of your lung, do that guy-spitting-a-loogie thing at Mr. Tangerine.

E. said...

Suck it up and count your blessings, since a man who makes you laugh definitely is one.

(You could also try a fast and furious sexual fantasy while in a paroxysm of coughing and see if you can manage a no-hands orgasm. Fits of coughing sometimes give me a funny feeling down there... but maybe that's just me.)

Hey, could we call these "fits of coughter"?

Anonymous said...

I second DoctorMama's comment.

I don't know how to remedy your problem, but I can offer a small note of commiseration--I'm having a similar (well, sort of) problem. Mr. Deadbeat keeps making me laugh, and I keep peeing myself.

Just a little, but still.

Mignon said...

What is it about painful phlegmy coughs, sore stomach muscles and poor bladder control that makes everything so f*ckin funny??

Bored Housewife said...

Yeah, I think you're going to have to muzzle that handsome feller, Orange.

(email's back up, when you get a sec.)