Saturday, January 07, 2006

Awards season

You know how some bloggers get all riled up about the Bloggies or the BoBs or the Blahblogs or whatever all those awards are? Well, I am the proud recipient of a few awards myself: The fabulous woman who goes by the moniker of Feral Mom has just bestowed the 2005 Feral Blog Awards. The brilliant and buxom writer Lisa and I tied for two awards: Best Writing and Best Rack. And the estimable DoctorMama tied me for the Smartypants Award. I am greatly honored, and I'd like to thank blahblahblah.

Is it unseemly to tout the awards one has received? Absolutely. But everyone does it, and I just want to fit in.

(Confidential to Sergei: You won't want to miss this award-winning post about testicular ultrasound.)

1 comment:

Charlie said...

Congratuations! Before I even read the awards, I was all ready to leave Feral Mom a comment for leaving you out of the Best Boob Blogging category, but then you won it and stole my thunder.