Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Phase 2

We are pleased to announce the grand opening of Phase 2 of the Orange Tangerine parenting development. It's just past 8 a.m., I'm showered and dressed, and I've got the house to myself until 1:45. Hooray for kindergarten!

Just imagine how productive I could be today if the mood strikes. If the mood doesn't strike, eventually my client will smite, so the mood will just have to strike this morning. The beautiful part of this full-day kindergarten business is that even if I fritter away three full hours, I'll still be able to crank out some work for a couple hours and take a much-deserved lunch break. Phase 2 looks extremely promising.

Hmm, I wonder how the teachers are doing right now, sorting 165 kindergartners into six homeroom groups within one giant "pod" classroom...


Piece of Work said...

Wow, sounds heavenly!

Charlie said...

Congratulations! I can't wait for my kids to be in kindergarden.

Was the day productive?

thenutfantastic said...

I'm at work/school when he's in school so it's not as exciting for me I guess.

But I did put a new picture of him up on my blog yesterday from his first day of First Grade!

Orange said...

POW, it is heavenly! I feel positively rejuvenated. Hang in there for just a few more years!

Charlie, I frittered away more than half of my free time and still was able to get caught up (at long last) on an editing job that had been languishing.

Nut, I did see the pic of your beautiful boy marching off to first grade.

I should take my camera in the morning and get a picture of Ben waiting in line with his 160 classmates. About the only way this bunch of kids could be more diverse is if they added some native Australians and, like, Tongans. These kindergartners are such a cute little melting-pot horde!

JT said...

Woo hooo! You have (relative) freedom!!!! How's Ben doing with it all?

Orange said...

JT, he seems to be enjoying it so far. Yesterday's highlight, apparently, was hot lunch (he got to choose between cheese and sausage pizza—such autonomy!). And today's highlight? Sloppy joes. He's a little more whiny and tired than usual, but I'll give him some time to get used to things. And hopefully he'll start reporting that he enjoys group activities or something quasi-academic rather than retaining lunch as his favorite part of the day!

thenutfantastic said...

When I ask Peanut what he did, lunch definitely ranks as one of the top 2 responses I get first. Every once in a while I'd get informed of what he was learning, but hardly ever when I asked him outright.

We drive down a road full of confederate monuments (of which they want to rename Confederate Blvd.) and that's when I was first told he was learning about MLK, Jr, last February. But Peanut couldn't remember his name, only that he was a black guy who got shot because he wanted blacks and whites to be equal.

It's funny that we talked about Ben's 160 classmate situation last time because I think that's exactly what Peanut's school is doing this year. In one room there are 3 Kindergarten teachers where there used to be only one. Strange.