Thursday, September 01, 2005

Obligatory slumgullion post

The other day, I finally read another article about Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. (I'd stopped reading anything about him a couple days after he was nominated.) What drew me to the subject? It was Roberts' propensity for proper grammar and usage. (He uses awesome words like slumgullion!) I haven't been closely following the reports of his political and legal opinions, but this? It's almost enough to give me a crush on him. The Language Log people, of course, picked up on the story in this post.

P.S. Slumgullion means "a watery meat stew." It also sounds very Tolkien, doesn't it? The Slumgullion Silmarillion?

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Bored Housewife said...

See my previous, yeah, that sorta thing makes me squirm a bit, too! I am, like, totally (yes that was on pupose) counting the days until I can take a grammar class--or better yet, a Linguistics class!!!!!!! It will be orgasmic for me... hubby keeps teasing me that I'm going to run off with some hot college guy, and when I think of someone I could share that sort of excitement with, I think he might be right! heheheh