Thursday, March 05, 2009

Which kind of iPod do I want?

I just got these fancy new "hearing instruments" with Bluetooth capability that will allow me to use an iPod for a change, without having to use earbuds or headphones. (If you already have things plunked in your ears, there's nowhere for earbuds to go.)

The Shuffle is out. I want to be able to choose what music to hear.

There's the Nano, which has the advantage of coming in ridiculous colors. (And no, I don't want orange. Contrary to popular suspicion, it's not remotely my favorite color.)

The iPod Classic looks big and dumb, and it doesn't come in fun colors. Am I right? Does anyone like the iPod Classic?

The iPod Touch is what Mr. Tangerine has. Big enough screen for video, all sorts of apps, definitely a fun toy. Does anybody use the Touch just to listen to music at the gym? Will it take over my life? Will the iPod Touch become my new boyfriend? Do I need to stay simple and just get the Nano?

Tell me what to do, o wise internets.


Charlie said...

I have an iPod Classic (actually, an iPod Video -- also called a 3G -- but it's very close to the same). The iPod Touch and the iPod Classic are the same size. The difference is that the screen is the full height of the iPod on the Touch.

I like my iPod. Lots of space for songs and videos (I got the 80 gig model -- it was the best of the best when I got it).

But I think you'd enjoy the Touch as well. And that way, you wouldn't end up regretting that you don't have the same fancy device as Mr. Tangerine.

Yours truly,

Mr. Prevaricator

Anonymous said...

I love my Nano: it's the older version, so in boring white, but next time I'd go for pink. I tend to use it only for running so the video isn't of interest to me. Those at the gym with Touch's don't use the video, either, from what I can tell.

I truly believe the Ipod is one of the most awesome-ist inventions: enjoy!

Jess said...

I have an ipod nano - the 8G in greeeeen. It is beautious. Although I recommend having a case for them, because they get scratched up pretty easily. I don't personally have a case, but the back of mine looks pretty scuffy and I've only had it for 6 months max.

I totally would go for a nano though, and here's why: It fits in your pocket. Easily. That's been a huge bonus for me. I used to have an Ipod classic, and it was just too bulky, especially with a case on it. Plus its big enough to hold everything I really want to listen to. When I got the classic I was operating on the idea that I wanted to have basically every song available all the time, but the truth is, I never listened to 90% of what I had on there.

K said...

My hubs and I love our Sansa players--A LOT less money and we can put anything on them.

just sayin'

E. said...

I'm scared of anything resembling a Blackberry or iPhone, even if it's not really a phone. The internet is already way too much of a temptation in my life (witness me here in my office frittering). So I say Nano.

jen @ negative lane said...

I have an old iPod Video 30g (Classic). I like it and it does all I want it to do. It holds lots of my music, but also shows pictures and videos if I'm so inclined (I'm usually not). However, if I were to get a new iPod, I'd probably get the Touch. I expect that with all the cool apps that one can get for it, it would take over my life (after all, my BlackBerry is my boyfriend already), but since I'm a technology/toy junkie, I'd kind of welcome that. It's about the same size as the average smartphone, isn't it? My BlackBerry fits in my pocket no problem. I have too much music for a Nano, although I agree the colors are cute.

I say go for the Touch.

Mo said...

I vote nano. They're sleek and pretty!

Anonymous said...

I don't really see the point in getting the Itouch. If you're gonna go that route, why not just get the phone?

Orange said...

Apple is now pissing me off. They've just introduced the teeny new Shuffle (NYT's Pogue writes about it here, and the controls are found on the Apple earbud cord. And...if you're not using earbuds, from Apple or another brand, because you've got hearing aids, Apple's answer is "fuck you"? Harrumph.

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

I resisted my Touch until a friend got frustrated and bought me one. I love it now, it's a lot of tools in one handy-dandy gadget. I never use ear-buds anyway, they kill my ears.

As to Vandelay's question, the iPhone requires paying for a monthly service, and a pricey one at that. The Touch costs nothing after you buy it.

Anonymous said...
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