Friday, March 27, 2009

Calling all car geeks

I've been holding off on buying a Prius because I think it's an ugly car. I don't like its back end at all. I much prefer a standard (yet sleek!) sedan look.

I just saw an ad for the Ford Fusion Hybrid. 41 mpg city? That's not as good as the Prius, but it's a midsize sedan (which is what I'm used to after nine years in a VW Passat) with better mileage than the hybrid versions of the Camry and Accord. And it looks kinda cute.

Consumer Reports rated the non-hybrid Fusion a good bit lower than its top-rated midsize sedans, but still calls it "recommended." It costs about $27,000 for the hybrid model, and if we buy right now (before March 31), there's a $3,400 federal tax credit waiting for us.

Is this the car for me? Is there any reason to avoid the Fusion Hybrid? Tell me, o car geeks!


E. said...

Don't know. Can't help you. We're very happy with our Scion Xb, though the mileage is just OK. But it was $7K cheaper than the Prius, which we also considered, and frankly we just don't drive that much so the great gas mileage wasn't enough to sway us $7K for a car w/ considerably less space.

Hey, have you considered asking the Car Guys, or at least seeing what their web page says?

Anonymous said...

I'll be interested to see what comments you get. I, too, am considering a Prius because it just seems like the really most responsible choice of vehicle at this point. And I, too, really don't much like their looks. I wish I did.

My other complaint about the Prius is that the transmission is automatic, and I've always driven (and much prefer) a manual. But I assume this would also hold true for any hybrid I considered buying, yes?


Molly said...

We got a civic hybrid with a manual transmission. I think when we bought the car they recommended getting the automatic because its shifting mechanism improves mileage. But we were used to a manual transmission and sorta like it.

Also, the civic hybrid does not look weird. They aren't making them anymore, but obviously they're still available used. Not sure if you still get a tax credit for buying a used car. But you'd save more than $3400 buying a used car, and I think the price on used hybrids has dropped a bit from last summer, when gas prices were so high.

Krupskaya said...

We almost got a Fusion hybrid, but it was just a little more than we could justify. I have to say I think the new line of Fords is excellent. I ended up buying a 2008 Taurus after driving my 2001 Focus into the ground, and Mr. K bought a 2008 Focus at the end of last year. We have been very, very happy with our Fords since we started buying them in 2000, and a highly recommend them.

Positively Present said...

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Jezebella said...

Is it bad form to respond to a tweet in blog comments? I just can't keep up on the Web 2.0 netiquette. I just wanted to say: you will never in a million years hear a New Orleanian say "you guys". We say "y'all". Only yankees say "you guys". Besides, how is "guys" any better than "ladies"? It's still gender-specific.

Anonymous said...

Don't buy a prius, they are not terribly safe, have poor braking performance and don't handle properly, i don't mean like a sports car, i mean accident avoidance maneuvers can be unsafe in the prius. Furthermore, Toyota went to such lengths to reduce weight in the car that many materials and construction techniques are sub par.

Get a diesel VW golf or Jetta, they are much, much better cars with great gas mileage.

mobitronia said...
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