Thursday, February 05, 2009

Were you born between 1954 and 1965?

Are you too old to be a Gen Xer and too young to want to group yourself with the Baby Boomers? You may be part of Generation Jones.

My friend Dean Olsher wants to compile a list of generational markers for his fellow Joneses. "Dean knows he's Generation Jones because he couldn't care less about where you were when JFK was assassinated." That resonates for me because hey, JFK was assassinated before I was born. I remember the day John Lennon was killed and the day Reagan was shot, but JFK? Before my time. The moon landing? I was too young. Summer of Love? I was a toddler. Nixon's resignation? Ooh! I remember that one. They made us watch it on TV in kindergarten and none of us gave a damn.

If you're part of Generation Jones, head over to Dean's blog and share your "How You Know You're Generation Jones" touchstones.

If you may be a redneck, send your identifying traits to Jeff Foxworthy, not to Dean.


Anonymous said...

Hi Orange,
I can't get the link to work, and I'm very interested (born in 1963).
Could you post the url?

Orange said...

Annieem, refresh the page—the links are fixed now.