Monday, November 26, 2007

An olio

  • On the way home from lunch, we passed a poster for the new Rambo movie coming out in January. The writer, director, and star is Sylvester Stallone, of course—and he's 61 years old now. Grambo!
  • At lunch, Ben sampled my wan fruit cup containing honeydew, cantaloupe, and one lone grape. He hasn't really tasted the non-watermelon melons much before, so I was curious to see whether he'd like them. "They could make it crunchier," he concluded.
  • Also at lunch, Ben was motivated to polish off his French fries by dipping them in grape jelly.
  • The combination did nothing for me, but you might like it. He topped his burger with barbecue sauce and French fries. (I think he might enjoy the chip butty.)
  • Me, I'm a crossword geek. I make no secret of that. I'm also a crossword snob, and disdain the lesser crossword venues out there. If your crossword tastes are more democratic than mine, I'll bet you can still identify some flaws in this puzzle.
  • I upgraded my Mac OS to Leopard and discovered that the new version of the Safari browser clashes with Blogger. Not only clashes, but crashes. Repeatedly. So I took the advice of a couple readers of my crossword blog and downloaded Camino. Wow! All those handy-dandy Blogger features you can use when you're composing a post, that were never available to me in Safari? They're very nice. Text of all sizes, text of all colors, a variety of fonts, and the bulleted list format of this post—all quick and easy buttons. I will try not to be annoyingly amateurish with these new toys that approximately 3.5 gazillion Windows-based Blogger users have had for years.
  • When I bought Leopard at the Apple Store, the checkout process was awesome. The guy who was answering my questions ran my credit card on his little pocket doohickey and e-mailed the receipt to me, and I never had to stand in line. Genius! And why am I buying myself software so close to a big gift-giving holiday? Simple: Making Christmas shopping easier for Mr. Tangerine. He wants the iPod Touch, so I think that means I ought to spend more money on myself and give him the gift-giving credit.


Jay said...

Haven't tried Camino but gave up Safari two years ago for Firefox and have never looked back. Also on the advice of some of the crossword folk, as I recall.

We have a local Apple store now...danger, danger, danger....

Narya said...

Ack! and I just pulled the trigger on a new laptop. Guess I'll have to blog from the desktop.

there's a place iin Pittsburgh, Primanti's (sp?), where they put the fries on your sammich. It's probably more touristy now, but when I was there more than 25 years ago, it was still a truck stop kinda place.

momo said...

Mozilla works for me. I'll have to check out Camino though.

Orange said...

...And now Leopard-era Safari seems to handle Blogger just fine!