Thursday, August 09, 2007

Waffles topped with misogyny

Do you ever hanker for a melding of The Comics Curmudgeon and I Blame the Patriarchy? Well, hanker no more. Jay—who yielded to temptation after I fed her a series of tasty links to blogs and started blogging—observed some misogyny before breakfast in yesterday's funny pages.


Jay said...

Thanks for the link. I also read Comics Curmudgeon, although I have the feeling I'm too old for that bunch. And I was a patriarchy-blamer before it was cool.

Mignon said...

I read Jay's post and just nodded along. Yep yep yep. BC, Beattle Bailey, Wizard of ID, Andy Capp, Blondie (the name, even!), Hagar. Every day the same right-wing misogynistic crap. There are some good ones mixed in - maybe 3 or 4? But who reads the newspaper anymore, let alone the comics. I'm guessing the demgraphic is predominantly old and white.

Yesterday our paper mistakenly left out Blondie and enough people called and wrote so that a special section was created in today's paper for it. Section A, second page, squeezing out what should have been world ecology news.