Friday, August 24, 2007

Hugo Chavez and Mr. Tangerine

So, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez announced that his country's moving up a half hour. Yep, he's putting Venezuela into its own half-hour-off time zone. (Speaking of half-hour-off time zones, look at Australia's map, which doesn't even show the little area that's off by 45 minutes.) Chavez has ideas about giving a metabolic jump-start to his people, but I'm not sure science is on his side.

Closer to home, we had a power outage yesterday from the cuckoo thunderstorms that uprooted our favorite neighborhood mulberry tree and many others, tore off countless tree limbs, and dashed assorted high rise windows and swimming-pool roofs to the ground. That's got nothing to do with my point, but who doesn't like to talk about extreme weather? Anyway, I was engaging in the ritual Resetting of the Clocks. Mr. Tangerine's alarm clock had been set about 26 minutes ahead (a hassle when Ben comes in and tells me it's 8:00 and thus time to get up, when it's really closer to 7:30 and dammit, I'm trying to sleep here). So I asked him what clock setting he wanted. "A half hour ahead," he said.

Next thing you know, my husband will be reading Noam Chomsky and saying that Bush is the devil and smells of sulfur.


Jay said...

We used to have our bedroom clock set about 10 minutes fast, until we had a housesitter who helped us by resetting it. Now we have the same issue you have - a kid who notices that her clock is two minutes slower than the one in the kitchen and four minutes faster than the one in the car and who refuses to believe that time was moving backward while she ate her breakfast.

Anonymous said...

You are so kind to mourn a mulberry tree. I would have been dancing around its fallen trunk doing a delighted war whoop. I do loathe them so.

momo said...

We had our tree-destroying storm a few weeks ago, but it left the mulberry tree intact. We rather like it because it reminds our neighbors from Jordan of their home.
I think the only timekeeping device that is actually set on the right time is my cell phone. All the clocks in the house just serve to give us an approximatin.

Left Coast Sister said...

hugo chavez lives and thinks in a parallel universe. unfortunately so does our own beloved presidork.