Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bratz conflict and baked goods

You know those horrible Bratz dolls that make Barbie dolls look practically butch in comparison? With the hypersexualized mouths, skimpy clothes, and heavy makeup? The ones that make me glad I don't have a daughter clamoring for to play with this product line> Yeah.

So, I took Ben to see the new CGI penguin cartoon, Surf's Up, this afternoon. (It was actually pretty decent.) One of the previews was for a movie about four teen girls coerced into joining cliques at school, but eventually they wise up and return to their core foursome and reject the Head Clique Girl's mandates. It looked like a not-terrible movie for tween girls to watch, with lessons about the importance of friendship and the idiocy of cliques. And then the trailer reached the end and revealed its title...Bratz: The Movie. Aaaagh! They snuck it right past my radar! The girls in the movie had cute clothes and makeup, sure, but they didn't look a thing like the Bratz dolls. I think it's all a plot on the part of the toy maker (MGA Entertainment) to make the characters more palatable so they can try to persuade parents that Bratz dolls aren't so appalling after all. Never!

After the movie, we walked over to the bakery that employs a bloggerly acquaintance of mine. I could no longer resist the rumors of superlative dough lamination, so I needed to try these croissants of hers. Ben polished off a chocolate-filled one within five minutes of leaving the bakery (this pastry was twice the height of the usual pain au chocolat—light and buttery, soft rather than crunchy/flaky on the outside) but shared the less chocolaty bits with me. Later on at home, Mr. Tangerine launched an attack on the almond one, which apparently doesn't sell well at the bakery. He said it was scrumptious—buttery and soft. The cherry turnover (all-butter crust!) was good, but not as much to my liking as croissants. The plain croissant—I snagged the last one in the shop!—will be my breakfast in the morning.


Klynn said...

My husband, Bob, torments my teen daughter with Bratz. When a commercial for them comes on the TV, he always looks at her and says something to the effect of, "wow, aren't those great. I think we should really get you some of those". To which she either hits him or threatens to barf on him. Sarcasm is a way of life in our household, if you couldn't tell.

Well, we recently took Boog to see Surf's Up, and also thought it was a cute movie. During the previews, we also saw the Bratz movie trailer. When it ended, and said "Bratz: The Movie", Bob and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. Thankfully, TJ wasn't with us, or Bob would have teased her through the rest of the previews, if not the rest of the day about it.

Having just finished a Hardees sausage biscuit, I'm not at all hungry, but your talking about those pastries makes me jealous. *sigh* As much as I love baked goods, my hips just don't stand a chance.

Psycho Kitty said...

I. HATE. Those dolls.

We were in our local small toy store buying a gift for one of the Girl's friends, and the Girl called to me from display stand of some awful Bratz ripoffs, "What 'bout dese?" I looked up and replied, without even thinking, "I don't know what they are but I know I hate them." Which prompted every woman within a 10-foot radius to break into laughter.
Who the hell DOES like those damned things? You walk down the aisle at the store and it's like the Street of Junior Streetwalkers. Except streetwalkers aren't as slutty and are better influences.

amusing said...

Yes -- and even worse are the Baby Bratz! Shudder. Truly horrifying. I want to hear the brainstorm where they came up with the idea. "Let's take the Barbie concept, but make them sluts. You know, like Britney!"