Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm so disappointed

The phone rang a few minutes ago, and the caller ID indicated a Florida number. Thought it might be a relative's cell phone or something, so I picked up:

Orange: Hello?
Florida: Buenas noches.
Orange: [excitedly] Could you hold on a second please? [covers phone, approaches husband] Hey, they said "Buenas noches." I think you should take this call!
Mr. Tangerine: Buenas noches!
Florida: [click]

Aw, drat. Finally, an anonymous Spanish-language survey person was speaking directly to Mr. Tangerine's heart, but she wouldn't speak to his head. That could've been fun, though.


Mona Buonanotte said...

Awww...poor Mr. Tangerine!

Unfortunately, Florida Caller probably only knew that one spanish language phrase, after their one-hour telemarketing training session.

Orange said...

No, the Spanish-language callers seem to want to carry out the whole call in Spanish. They're terribly disappointed to discover they've reached a household where nobody speaks Spanish above a "Sesame Street" level.

Katie said...

I'm apparently your new neighbor (I moved to Briar Pl a few weeks ago), and I've been getting Spanish-language telemarketing calls every few days. I had a strange encounter with someone conducting a survey a few days ago--she couldn't quite process my (true) claim that I'm a fluent Spanish-speaker (we were chatting es espanhol at the time) but not actually Latina by any standard.