Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"It's the plumber. I've come to fix the tub."

This one's especially for PK, who harbors thoughts of handsome movers, and for Lisa, who remodeled her basement and was not treated to a single hot contractor in the process. My bathtub drain has been emptying slowly, and the handsome plumber returned. While the record must show that I deplore his practice of wearing his cap backwards, light brown coveralls aren't the most fetching outfit, and I'm not a fan of gold chains on men, there are two things in the plumber's favor:

• His beautiful clear blue eyes with long lashes.

• The way he took pains to rinse the drain spatters off the tub and surrounding tile. Such attention to detail! Such thoughfulness! Cleaning up so the woman in the room won't have to! Be still, my heart. Usually, a plumber leaves my bathroom a godawful mess, but this guy? A minute with cleaning spray and a single paper towel should suffice.

You can argue about which is hotter—a beautiful young man or a man who cleans up without being asked. But with The Handsome Plumber, I didn't have to choose.


The Absent Minded Housewife said...

I was going to comment with a joke along the lines of plumber's crack and cleaning up splatter...but I think it's best left up to the imagination.

JT said...

Okay, he's cute, handy, and cleans up after himself? Give it up, girl... he's gay.

Orange said...

Becky, that must be the secret behind the coveralls—he doesn't want to reveal crackage on the job. This plumber's buttcrack is only for viewing by that special someone.

JT, that may be, that may be. But what self-respecting gay man would wear a cap backwards? Is that done? I must research this.

E. said...

Long lashes. Ah, they get me every time. My man has them, and luckily my little boy inherited them. But where are mine?

Yes, beautiful and cleans up after himself - a mighty appealing combination.

Mignon said...

Because our plumber is me, I'm using your plumber to spice up the night life. Thanks!

Psycho Kitty said...

Hey now! I left a nice lusty comment about plumber man and where did it go?
Or did I email it to you? Oy, I'm losing it.

JT said...

Okay, Orange, you got me on the backwards cap. You're right. Grab hold of Handsome Plumber by a loop of his coveralls and just don't let go.

thenutfantastic said...

You know what sucks? I unclog drains myself usually because what is clogging it is my hair. I've even unclogged the sink in the kitchen when I've shoved way too much stuff in the garbage disposal (this requires unhooking the tubing that runs from under the sink to the outside and a large bucket to catch the water that will come gushing out). Yeah, I'm a little too handy at times I think.

But I still cannot unclog a toilet. I think it's the type of plunger we have, my sister thinks I'm just incompetent.