Monday, May 29, 2006

Cure for the crankies

Boy, have I been cranky today. I think it's because the weather's heating up, and I have an unofficial motto: Heat and humidity are my two most formidable enemies. Or maybe it's a quasi-period/PMS thing. Or innate ill temper. How cranky am I? I picked a fight with Mr. Tangerine about the proper way to slice a pineapple and stomped out of the kitchen. (In the interest of thoroughness, it should be noted that he ended up cutting off the skin just like I said to.)

Lunch today was grilled turkey dogs and grilled pineapple slices (basted with a blend of butter, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and a hint of ground ginger). Upping the Polynesian vibe, the hot dogs were served on Hawaiian rolls. I opted to accompany my meal with a glass of Riesling, and you know what? I'm feeling much less cranky, and I haven't even finished the glass yet.

Tertia and Her Feral Lowness are right. Wine is a lovely habit. It adds a soup├žon of uncrankiness to the harried mother's day.


Charlie said...

Your post has inspired me to break out a bottle of wine myself. A nice white merlot will do just fine, I think.

bitchphd said...

LOL re. the cranky pineapple fight. I, of course, never do things like that. Never, ever.

Tertia said...

Wine makes everything better. Everything.

She says, drinking even more wine.


Feral Mom said...

I am drinking wine AS WE SPEAK. Shocking, I know.

JT said...

I want some wine. And some of that grilled pineapple, which sounds simply divine.

Actually, after a very stressful babysitter transition Saturday night (the Bundle is going through Stranger Anxiety), the pinot noir at North Pond really did make everything better. I must start drinking more wine.