Thursday, November 17, 2005

What kind of woman are you?

We have all sorts of phrases to describe men who like a certain type of woman or, more particularly, a certain anatomical feature. Most commonly, there are ass men, leg men, and breast men. Some fellows prefer women with a certain hair color, or they like a general build (curvy, slender, or fat), or maybe they have an elbow fetish.

Colloquially, you don't much hear talk of "an ass woman" or "a shoulders girl," and yet most women who are attracted to men can highlight their favorite physical details. (This is in addition to the standard criteria like "must have a sense of humor," "has to get along with his mother...but not too well," etc.) It could be broad shoulders, a certain height, great eyes, wavy hair, delicious abs, a muscular butt, lush lips, strong legs, impressive but not overly large biceps, a really hairy back (okay, I made that one up), fantastic cheekbones, a great chest, or something else entirely.

What particular part(s) do you like enough to call yourself an [insert part here] woman?


JT said...

I'm probably a leg woman. Thanks to a bizarre growth stunt, I have ridiculously long limbs. While I don't love that my sleeves are usually too short, having long legs can be nice.

Oh, and I am capable of being a boob woman, but really only in a great bra. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to see these old gals untethered (unlike some bloggers I know, who displayed a cheesecake photo and garnered lifelong fans!).

DoctorMama said...

Orange! Where you been?

I read your post as being about the men, right?
I'm more of an absence-of woman -- turnoffs rather than turnons. As in, a fat ass or womanly hips in a guy rules him out. Muscles that clearly come from ridiculous amounts of time pumping iron (or injecting steroids) are also a turnoff. But I do enjoy a really good set of shoulders -- no Tom Cruise sloping ones.

I like my word verification: fffzasmu!

bitchphd said...


Bone structure runs second place.

T.A.N. said...

orange is back ...

I'm an assimilated negro kind of woman personally.

E. said...

Me, I'm an ass woman. I'm also occasionally an ass, but that's another story.

tnpiptjv to all of you this fine day!

Anonymous said...

I'm a skinny woman, if you're using the word in that sense. It is my curse to find attractive only men of whose metabolisms I am ragingly jealous.

Dave's a prime example. 6'2", 160 pounds. I love those long, lean lines, even as I am inclined to swear every time I watch him inhale a couple of plates of pasta and not gain an ounce.

If we are talking about body parts, broad shoulders and a small waist. I quite often find myself looking at a nice rear view on the subway, but when the guy turns around, he's nothing special!

Orange said...

Stella, that shoulder/waist combo is the male equivalent of the hourglass figure. Yum!

I spent the morning with JT today, and she's in Dr. B's camp: hands above all.

Me, I'm a mouth woman. I look more at a person's mouth than their eyes when we're talking, so I like to see full lips and a nice set of teeth. All the other parts are secondary, though I certainly appreciate the finer examples of all of them.

The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

Obviously I don't have much to contribute to this, being a male... but I wanted to take a moment to object to "must get along with his mother" as a male prerequisite.

I haven't spoken to my mother in a couple of years, because she's a crazy, fundamentalist Christian who thinks that homosexuality is a disease, that the world is 6000 years old, and that I am part of an atheist-scientist conspiracy to destroy Christianity. Seriously. Other than those factors, I think she's a great woman and we'd probably get along smashingly if James Dobson wasn't telling her how to think.

How about a "must think women are absolutely his equals and treat them with the respect he would offer a sane mother?"

Or "thinks his mother is crazy but is highly respectful of his sister and is kind to strangers?"


Cricket said...

I used to think ass/thighs, now when I see magazine pics of good abs, I swoon.

Not that my fiance has abs. What I like IRL is a smile and kind eyes, which he has.

Bella Sultane said...

I'm a got-your-shit-together-have-a-sense-of-humor-be-politically-left-leaning-give-good-hugs kind of woman.

Oh, and that nice dip on guys' chests right below their shoulders just deep enough to put your head - that's nice too. :)

Bella Sultane said...

Oh, and in terms of the love-your-momma thing:

>>How about a "must think women are absolutely his equals and treat them with the respect he would offer a sane mother?"

>>Or "thinks his mother is crazy but is highly respectful of his sister and is kind to strangers?"


Yes and yes. But it's also used as a proxy for "can form meaningful and caring connections with the women close to him."

Psycho Kitty said...

Eye woman. Definitely.

Emma Goldman said...

I'm finding it extremely difficult to narrow this down. Smell is definitely a turn-on, but I don't usually get close enough to consciously check this out until nakedity has already occurred. Just about anything mentioned above can do it for me on any given man.

Anonymous said...

I once dated a girl in college who really liked clavicles.

Mignon said...

What a great question!!
How about I'm an anything-that-indicates-manliness woman? Such as a deep voice, thick beard stubble, ruddy complexion, large animal blood-stains on his vest (maybe not the last one, but I was just reminiscing about the first time I met my husband).
And also a big Ugh! on the Tom Cruise shoulders. And Scientologists.

Mama Moose said...

I'm a voice woman. Give me a man with a good strong voice and it helps if I like what it's saying to me.

Second choice -- nice smooth face/skin.

The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

Moose: like dees face? ----->

Meh said...

chests. i am big on man chests.

and tall and lean.

i like my men tall, lean with nice lean hard chests.


Anonymous said...

I am partial to men with high intelligence and adroit verbal skills. Physically, I prefer a guy with a nice tight rear and a pair of big brown soulful puppy dog eyes. :)