Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poems about me

My Mother's Day gift from Ben was a book of poems he wrote about me. The kids worked on these all week at school, and these poem books—bound with fat yarn—are impossibly cute.

Here's one, called "My Best Mom: A True Exaggeration Poem"

My mom is the best.
She gets A's on every test.
She can do crosswords at light speed.
And lead the Navy in their deed.
Me and dad love you more than the fanciest cars.
But we should all live on mom's planet Mars.


Charlie said...

Come to think of it, Mars is a bit of a rusty orange color, don't you think?

Feral Mom said...

Ben is a genius.

Mignon said...

I'd like to see a Navy led by Orange. I agree with FM.

Krupskaya said...

OMG, so awesome! And so much better than another "how my mom looks" poem that I got from Maia (on my blog).

flea said...

Ben, I love your poem! You are a very talented writer. I had no idea your mom was in the Navy! Was she a Seal?

E. said...

Excellent poem. I love the *true* exaggeration part. Creative and sweet. A+.

ameer said...

I hope one day my daughter( 1 years old) write me a poem.

whatever you do just don't get injured
personal injury

snoring mouthpiece said...


Nice poem! Look like your mom have a hard work to do. I will give A to this poem.


the snoring mouthpiece