Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chicago: A happening town

First, our senator, South Sider Barack Obama, is elected president. The presidential transition headquarters are here in Chicago, and the next administration is taking shape nicely.

Next, Republic Windows closes a factory, the workers demand their due, and the story balloons into a national emblem of the financial, credit, and manufacturing crisis. (Workers of the world, unite!)

And then this morning, the Feds paid a visit to Governor Rod Blagojevich's North Side home to arrest him on federal corruption charges. They've been looking at him for years and indicting all sorts of people around Blago, but he finally went too far. I mean, who tries to sell a U.S. Senate seat? That's essentially what he's accused of doing. As if nobody would be watching! As if the Feds investigating him wouldn't notice! As if that weren't a huge violation of civic trust! Maybe Bush will pardon Blago's predecessor, George Ryan, and Blago can take over the same cell in the federal joint.

My kind of town, Chicago is.


Anonymous said...

There's something almost Shakespearean or Greek about his level of hubris . . . except for the %&)#@$@#QA^*! language aspect. Too bad his speech couldn't have been as grandiose as his delusions. You just know that someone, somewhere, is already writing the opera or stage play.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, our own lunatic, Michelle Bachmann, made the list of "10 most embarrassing congresspeople." (No, she doesn't represent Minneapolis. That's the black Muslim guy, who is probably, in Bachmann's view, a terrorist.)

E. said...

It's crazy. Every time I turn on the radio, Illinois is on the news. We were all over the top of the Huffpost yesterday. All because of our debonair governor.

Myself, I voted for Green party candidate Rich Whitney in 2006. Maybe he'll have a better shot in 2010.