Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kapow! My head just exploded.

Mr. Tangerine was surfing the TV listings. The ABC Family channel is following Pat Robertson's 700 Club with syndicated reruns of That '70s Show. Yes, that's right: A Christian talk show (which I had no idea was still on the air) is in the same programming block as a sitcom featuring a lot of weed and beer, teenage sex talk, and neighbors' nudist parties.


Narya said...

Okay, I must make a distinction--with regard to your poll--between NASCAR and open-wheel racing. I find the former to be tedious, but the latter, in both its Indy car and Formula 1 incarnations, to be quite entertaining, and an interesting mix of person and equipment.

Also, you don't have boxing up there, and boxing is by far the worst. Or maybe the cage fighting they have on before the Tour de France.

Orange said...

Boxing! I forgot all about organized physical violence. I can hardly consider that a sport.