Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Unprecedented development!

I got a Mother's Day card from my mother-in-law yesterday, one of the rare "to my daughter-in-law" cards. This spurred Mr. Tangerine to exclaim that he needed to send his mom a card.

I think that for nearly all of the past 17 years, I have been buying and mailing the Mother's Day cards we have sent to his mother (and mine). Today, he called me from work to ask for his folks' new mailing address because he wanted to get that card out in today's mail.

Omigod! Is it the apocalypse? I think it's the apocalypse. The swine have taken wing, and the devil is refereeing snowball fights.

Socks update: I sorted out an embarrassingly outsized heap of clothing in my bedroom. I just knew that many of the missing socks were lurking within the pile, and it would feel so good to be able to mate (heh) some socks and throw away the remaining confirmed-bachelor socks. Wouldn't you know it? I found four socks in the pile. All white, and not one a match for the lonely socks. So now I have more desolate socks than ever before.


momo said...

I just disposed of about 8 lonely socks. There are only so many that I can convert into cat toys.

This is a good reminder: I should make sure I get my mother a card!

Anonymous said...

Ugh.. I hate those daughter-in-law cards. They feel like a reminder that my mother-in-law doesn't really want me in the family. If she can't find a good in-law card she'll sometimes buy one that says daughter and write in the in-law. What's wrong with just happy birthday?