Sunday, May 06, 2007

Blog lying fallow

Yes, it's true. I'm really going to break the tethers of blog addiction and go on vacation for two weeks. London, Northwest England, and Wales. We plan to see the "virgin mum" Komodo dragon and her hatchlings at the Chester Zoo, and Mount Snowdon, the Chester Rows (basically a 700-year-old version of a two-story shopping mall), and maybe take in a Beatles tour. Then there's the wedding at this castle, where we'll be staying for a weekend. After that, we spend the week in London and do all the touristy things we need to do. We'll need to photograph Ben, of course, with Big Ben in the background; ride The Eye; find some kickass ethnic food; shop at Harrods; go spout off where people orate in Hyde Park (huh?); and maybe play at the Princess Diana Memorial Playground.

And then we'll return home, exhausted and hankering to be reunited with our stuff and our routines. See you in a couple of weeks!

P.S. Could someone please come over and pack everything for me? I haven't started setting out the clothes that will be going into suitcases tomorrow. Eek!


DoctorMama said...

Have a fabulous time. I wish I had such a good reason for a fallow blog.

You'd never want me packing for you. I have in the past forgotten my passport, my wallet, my antidepressants, my tickets, and (long long ago) my birth control pills.

Narya said...

Have fun! and perhaps by the time you return I will have watched my Netflix version of "Wordplay"!

Mona Buonanotte said...

Have a grand time! Hope that statue of the nekked man, whateverhisnameis, is still in Hyde can look straight up and see his

momo said...

Sounds like a great trip! Here's wishing you a happy mother's day, and thanks for sharing your writing.

Anonymous said...

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