Thursday, March 01, 2007

A new blog you must visit!

The fabulous Mr. Tangerine has a birthday coming up next week, and to mark that occasion I plan to limn his goodness in a paean. (Really! As a husband, he's well-suited to me. As life partners, we're largely in sync. And as a dad, wow, is he good.)

In the meantime, though, he has started a blog. It ain't much yet, but you can play a frightfully addictive game there (don't even try it if you're busy!). There's a lonely little comments link. He checked the next day, "No one's left any comments," he remarks mournfully. I told him eventually someone will pass through via Blogger's "next blog" button, and they'll leave a comment to say, "this blog is stupd. why do you waste my time."

Would a couple of you go show him some love? Thanks, dears.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Please tell Mr. Tangerine that I've added him to my blogroll and I'll be visiting lots.