Saturday, December 23, 2006

The C-word

Mostly done with Christmas shopping, including buying my assigned ingredients to cook for Christmas Eve dinner at my sister's. Still not done with the book! Ha. Maybe I should work on that this afternoon.

Just wanted to report Ben's two finest remarks today:

• "Holy C-word!" (Because he's too genteel to use grown-up words and say "Holy crap.")

• "You know what's more fun than school?" he asked. "Christmas!" (Indeed.)

Mr. Tangerine and I are excited because my cousin's gonna give Ben the game of Operation—and we haven't played it in many a year! Man, I hope it's still fun. We'll find out tomorrow night what all Ben has in store for him from Santa—I've got all these toys and gifts sealed in shipping boxes and shopping bags, hiding in plain sight. Ben is none the wiser. But I don't really remember everything that's in those boxes. I hope Santa did a good job and Ben doesn't greet his goodies with disdain come Christmas morning...


Cricket said...

Fun, indeed. Mine came home from school yesterday and declared, "Mom, isn't Winter Break great?!" I guess he's running with the PC crowd at school, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Happy Holidays

Anonymous said...

I hope Ben likes "Operation" better than Emma did (and better than I did - I was displeased by the "specialist" cards in the current edition.

The biggest hit of Chanukah in our house was getting to light our very own Menorah now that we're nearly 6 and the HUGE box of art supplies that Mom and Dad bought.


Anonymous said...

Just don't tell Ben that there's a dinosaur version of that game.

And Happy Holidays to Team Tangerine!

-- No Nym

Bored Housewife said...

Happy hippy hoppy Holidays to you all, you family of citrus, you!!

I hope to hear that Operation has not lost its shine. Or its spark. heh.

Anonymous said...

I hope Operation was as big a hit at your house as Perfection was at ours. Remember Perfection -- the game with all the odd-shaped pieces to put into corresponding holes before your sixty seconds was up and the game board popped up? (Hell on us non-spatial people.) The pieces aren't as solid and the board is a bit more flimsy, but the kids liked it as much as I remember liking it.

I'll come out of lurkerdom, as per holiday card instructions, but I guess I'll need to choose some sort of identity now...


Orange said...

Ah, Perfection! Ben got that last year (because I bought it). Mr. Tangerine can't abide it, but I love it. I must be spatial. (And hooray for unlurking, S!)

Don't know when we'll be exchanging gifts with the Operation source. Hope it's soon!

I have about eight pages to go on my book manuscript, which is pretty good considering that the deadline's today. (I used to work in publishing, so I know that only suckers and the compulsively responsible actually meet their deadlines.)

Mignon said...

Operation is fine by me. Perfection makes me break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. Worse than paintball even.

amusing said...

So how was Operation? I keep picking it up at the store and saying -- "gee, guys, how 'bout this?" but they have zero interest. Hey, we discovered Ruckus c/o a little independent bookstore in Marblehead. It's a great game for all ages! Cards and swiping stuff in a frenzy.