Monday, February 28, 2005

Anatomy and the four-year-old boy

Ben’s been mildly sick for a couple weeks. He started coughing a bit on vacation, developed a fever about five days later, took five days of Zithromax, and continued to cough and run a modest fever off and on for the next six days. This morning, I couldn’t assess his temperature because both the ear thermometer and the under-the-tongue one purportedly hurt.

We had this dialogue:

Me: How’s your head today?
Ben: It hurts.
Me: Can you show me where it hurts?
[Ben pats the top of his head.]
Me: The whole top of your head, huh?
Ben: [Clarifying] My brain.

It’s wondrous, really, that he’s only been to preschool once in the last week and a half, and neither of us has run away from home. And I don’t think SpongeBob is gay, because I totally want to marry him. He is the only thing maintaining my sanity and Ben’s right now.

UPDATE: The pediatrician practically laughed at me for bringing him in because he was so very perky. But I had the last laugh! He woke up around 10 Monday night complaining of a headache and running a higher fever. So I paged the doctor and woke her up. (He seems less feverish this morning, but is still asleep.)

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Sergei C. said...

Where's the fanfare? How were we to know? I shall try to remind myself to link you back, but if I forget (I'm a little scattered, being so busy right now), PLEASE remind me in a few days. You are off to a good start. :)