Friday, July 25, 2008

How to tell someone they sound racist

Hip-hop video blogger Jay Smooth has the goods on how to call someone out for saying something racist. Key point: Focus on what the person did or said, not on what they are. I.e., saying "You're a racist" is a dead-end argument.

I hadn't heard of Jay Smooth until a friend-inside-the-internet sent me a YouTube link to the above-linked video. I clicked through to Ill Doctrine and scrolled down to his theory about "Wall-E"...aaand then subscribed to his RSS feed. I need another blog to follow like a need a hole in the head, but then, one can always use an extra hole in the head for ventilation purposes, right?

Plus, it's a video blog, and the guy is kinda cute.


Anonymous said...

** minor Wall*E spoiler here ** I LOVED this -- I've got to say, I liked the movie too, but I wondered similar things about the demographics of Wall*E.

Am I officially out of lurkerdom, if I comment more than once in a calendar month?


Orange said...

Why, you're almost a regular commenter now! I read a post at Pandagon about Wall-E in which people griped that the array of past ship captains included one woman but about six men. Mm-hmm, because in 700 years, women will still only be tokens in positions of power. And if that's all that was left of earthlings, I wondered why the hell the humans were reflecting the demographics of Iowa. Instead, according to this, 61% of the people should've been Asian and 13% African.

Mona Buonanotte said...

I'm lovin' on that J Smooth. And yeah, he is kinda cute.

Delia Christina said...

oh, that Jay Smooth. so hip, so hot. so down. i liked his wallet/robbery analogy on calling out racism.